Thursday, November 14, 2013


Coba, Quintana Roo, México

Elijah and I are leaving this warm weather behind for an adventure to Iceland in a few hours! Cannot wait to share photos with you. I have wanted to visit this epic land now for a long while. I can barely keep from giggling with delight. Have you been?

See you in ten days!

Chamomile the sweetest

Remember in my plants anonymous post I mentioned the newest member to our farm:  

Chamomile Seis Quinoa

Allow me to formally introduce you to her. Friends, let me just tell you, she is as sweet as she looks. So gentle, so spirited and so soft. When V.v. and I found her, covered in cobwebs, she was merely four weeks old and starving. After a steady diet of raw goat's milk + honey and core wet food, she is holding her own court in the house. I'll leave it at that for now . . . I mean this is a blog about wildflowers and plants, right? Soon to be TIGERS TO LILIES : plants, wildflowers and catssssss!

Arts ReStore LA: Westwood Village

dear friend Claire's BOOK STAND

usual suspects in my work area
IKO IKO (you have to stop by)!

Kat & Roger ceramics + Emilie Halpern vases (swoon)

more Emilie Halpern vases + ceramics: makes my work easy

healthy plants over at IKO IKO !

Friends! Tell me that you already know about Arts ReStore LA: Westwood Village !! The ever so lovely and insanely prolific Jennifer Dodge Perry of E R M I E kindly asked me to do the flowers for the big opening night a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun and such an honor!

If you haven't gone yet then you must! It's only up until November 24th so go! Get way more info here!

E R M I E x Weltenbueger
dosa mercantile

. . . to name a few

(Check out all the wonderful workshops that Jennifer has lined up here. I took the macramé one and it was one of the coolest workshops I have ever attended + I got to macramé my own plant hanger)!

G O ! ! !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maggie Harrsen

purchase Solidago from BOOK STAND!

I admire artist / photographer / healer Maggie Harrsen's work very much. It's simplicity. The beauty in the every day. The magic and power of mother nature. It reminds me to slow down and take the time to note and breathe in all the natural beauty that surrounds me / you / us every day. Very much like a meditation for my eyes and senses. Maggie, I am such a fan.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wildflowering LA

Artist Fritz Haeg (big fan of his) is setting up site-specific lots of every shape and form and is sowing tons and tons of native wildflower seeds for all to enjoy come spring 2014 all throughout Los Angeles County! The work is commissioned and produced by the Los Angles Nomadic Division (LAND) with guidance, consultation and inspiration stemming from the Theodore Payne Foundation. Isn't this just one of the best artist initiatives ever?! I'm so super excited about this. Do you have access to at least 500 sq. ft of land that could use a native California wildflower field? It's not too late to email him to inquire as I believe he is still looking for more sites :

"Age-defying thirsty landscapes of clipped evergreen shrubbery and lawns cover this city that supposedly has no seasons, no sense of time, combined with a denial of death and aging. However, the story of the native wildflowers of Los Angeles is more complex, nuanced, localized, and ever-changing. Long-anticipated early winter rains germinate seeds that have been lying in wait, buried in dry soils from the low coasts to the high deserts, from the valley flats to the mountain slopes. Gradual growth with cool temperatures and low sun through winter months give way to an early spring explosion of bright green and rainbow color. The story of the seasons is told by the timing and extent of the bloom in direct proportion to the rainfall, temperatures, and climate. The plants turn a crisp golden brown as the dry summer months return, and the flowers prepare to broadcast their seeds for next year's story."

-Fritz Haeg

Just think what spring in Los Angeles will look like with all these fields of wildflowers prettifying all of our glorious nooks and not always noticed crannies! Hooray for you Fritz + LAND!!  So exciting!