Tuesday, May 3, 2016


AMELIA GILLER at her home studio
Just so proud of my friend Amelia! Read more about her in Racked LA here
(Thank you for the shout out love Amelia!)

"The tiger came about a little later. My aunt, Janet Gelphman, among many other creative things, is an art collector and has a painting by Joy Laville above her couch of a nude woman reclining above a sleeping panther. I love the danger that quietly exists between the nude and the panther. It is powerful and blatantly erotic. I started experimenting with tigers in my drawings and when it came time to pitch my animated thesis film, I knew that I wanted to further explore the relationship that exists between woman and feline. My film, entitled "Tigress," is about finding your voice, or as I like to say "finding your inner tiger." '