Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chamomile the sweetest

Remember in my plants anonymous post I mentioned the newest member to our farm:  

Chamomile Seis Quinoa

Allow me to formally introduce you to her. Friends, let me just tell you, she is as sweet as she looks. So gentle, so spirited and so soft. When V.v. and I found her, covered in cobwebs, she was merely four weeks old and starving. After a steady diet of raw goat's milk + honey and core wet food, she is holding her own court in the house. I'll leave it at that for now . . . I mean this is a blog about wildflowers and plants, right? Soon to be TIGERS TO LILIES : plants, wildflowers and catssssss!


  1. O MY!
    she´s the best... now i see how one cat can easily lead to another just like you said:)