Thursday, January 31, 2013

L.A. Book Fair @ Geffen Contemporary (MOCA)

untitled, the southwest by ye rin mok
heneban, watercolors by lauren king
flowers picked and gathered, by jaime rugh

Claire Cottrell's BOOK STAND has a booth at the L.A. Book Fair @ Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Little Tokyo) and I can attest that hers will be a shining reflection of the magic that conjures up when you choose your collaborators/artists carefully. Oh yeah, and her theme is PLANTS AND WILDFLOWERS! Besides her much coveted collection of books, journals and zines, she will also be selling textiles, prints, bookmarks and celebrating the work of these 3 brilliant artists:

Ye Rin Mok and her booklet The Southwest
Lauren Spencer King and her beautiful Heneban watercolor prints (I know that I'm a bit biased here because Lauren is my dear friend but so what; I've already seen some of these prints and they are hauntingly beautiful)
Jaime Rugh's new book Backyard Wildflowers (I'm elated for Jaime because I've been following her for quite some time and she is über talented, period. Her wildflowers are exceptional, but so is her spirit of living and anything else that she touches).

So come! More info here!

Opening Night: Thursday, January 31, 6–9pm
Friday, February 1, 11-5pm
Saturday, February 2, 11am–6pm
Sunday, February 3, 12pm–6pm

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


thank you for my cool sign Doug!

This past Saturday was the beautiful evening hosted by TRADESMEN in Venice. The minute I met Doug and Ruben (the shining and über-talented couple behind TRADESMEN) I felt as though I was with kinfolk. They gave me free reins and so I set out to do whatever it was my heart desired! I really enjoyed their space and felt inspired with every corner, every shelf, every object in there. But it really comes down to Doug and Ruben and their trails of inspiration that orbit them wherever they go, whatever they touch. More pics here!

Katarina provided her really special and especially clean tasting wine, Wahrheit, which she had shipped from her vineyard in the Black Forest (Germany!) and the Venice Merchant + SMOHK bread provided fresh produce and smoked grilled cheeses!

• • Thank you so much Doug + Ruben • •

...and if you haven't yet been to TRADESMEN yet then go and pay them a visit! You'll be inspired the minute you walk through their doors!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tradesmen Invites You!

My friend Virgine is collaborating on a really nice event with a fantastic coterie of craftsmen and artists at Tradesmen tomorrow night. If you're in Venice or close by do stop in. TIGERS to LILIES will be providing all the floral artistry and there will be really good food and drink in such a lovely space. Hope to see you there!

TRADESMEN 1807 Lincoln Blvd. Venice Beach 
Saturday 1 . 26 . 2013

6 - 9 pm

* See attached flyer for more info * 

Hi friends! We're back from a really, really lovely trip to Tulum, México! Have you been there? Much more on that later! I have some really dreamy pictures to share with you...

We are having a bit of rain here in LA and I love it. Picked up some brightly blooming acacia to lighten up Cortez today and some really wonderful and steadfast hellebores. Have you seen this kind before? 

I also want to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone leaving me such nice comments and for your support. It really means a lot to me. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

and we're off...

Lastly, Elijah is taking me away on a surprise trip tonight! I have no idea where we're going, only that I need to pack a bathing suit (!!) and grab my cameras. I am beyond excited! So see you in ten days!


Yes, I just posted a really large amount of photos back-to-back and I hope that you don't mind. I have wanted to share all of these flowers with you for quite some time now. Some are for fashion editorials, some for friends, some for weddings, some for collaborations, some for spaces, some are simply just because and some are from wedding-y ceremonies. But all sprout from a wild garden that is rooted deeply in my spirit and steadily growing further and further out, wrapping itself around my veins and continuing to advance further with every pump of my heart. I hope that you enjoy them too. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I thought that maybe you too would enjoy these baby's breath hanging balls as much as I did. I actually really like baby's breath but it always seems to make itself into my least favorite kind of arrangements. I think it's fine just on it's own! If you ever see Mexican baby's breath grab some too--it is really airy and beautiful all on it's own as well. 

Learn to make your own here and do take some time to go through the coveted Gardenista; there is a plethora of inspiration just waiting for you to discover! I am always awe-inspired and really enjoy spending time on it. Thank you Alexa for this wonderful post!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013