Thursday, September 30, 2010

As I was swimmingly reading through this months W magazine, my heart did a triple beat when I came across this Tim Walker shoot. I have stared and daydreamed to his work and imagined myself as one of his subjects (daydreaming, mind you). It is so nice to see his body of work to continue to expand. It would've been so cool to have been on this shoot...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Green Feast!

Hooray for Evan Marks & The Ecology Center! Green Feast was a huge success for them, an I have to say, for Tigers to Lilies as well! It was so much fun! I decided to incorporate potted herbs & plants this year so that guests, after feasting at the white linen 192 foot communal-style table amongst the fields under the twinkling lights of french-style bulbs and candles, could be inspired to take home a little souvenir and perhaps start a little garden themselves (even if that meant a 1-plant garden, I still wanted to encourage it)!

I set out collecting tomato, Japanese eggplant, bell pepper + habanero peppers, rosemary, sage and sweetpeas in %100 biodegradeable pots that guests could literally just put into the ground, but not before dolling up the pots in twine/sage green ribbon! Seeing that last year I did an entirely white palette, I decided to warm things up this year with bright colors thanks to all the lovely Cosomos & Zinnias in full bloom! Overall, it was a cheery and summery jubilee of color & green. More here!

I'd like to thank Evan and his entire crew once again for letting Tigers to Lilies run wild!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter Garden

No, no, nooooooo, it's much too early to even think about winter just yet! Summer isn't even oficially over, and since our summer has been relatively mild here in LA, let's not be eager to jump the gun to winter conclusions just yet! However, I did get a wee bit excited when I spotted this clever little winter set by Charles Anastase titled 'Winter Garden.' Of course I only ventured there because of the title, you know, 'garden' and such...uh-huh...

Get some (ah-hem) winter threads here . (Doesn't hurt that the coat is called Peter Pan Collard Coat...).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wild Bunches

Some of my very favorites: Anemones, sweetpeas & cosmos. More here.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Miman

I'd like to dedicate today to the most beautiful, supportive, loving, caring and heartfelt mother. Her strength and dedication could move mountains. Happy, happy birthday miman.
i love you

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Under the Spell...

Well here it is my friends. A true & sincere as can be DIY wedding ceremony not traditional in the least and everything I could ever hope for: love, loved ones, close ones, kindred ones, nature, feathers, basket cakes, rivers, v.v., castles, full moon, forest, birds & frogs, boats, floating lanterns, mobiles, dancing, laughing, singing, doves, warm summer nights, sweetheart parades, candle light, craft circles, wildflowers, rosé, croquembouches, smiles, hearts afloat, fields, poetry, radiance & light, and lots and lots of smiling and laughter.

A flutter of the heart: Ceremony Part I
Ceremony Part II

All photos from the talented and lovely-as-can-be Jamie Russom (soon to have her site up and I will definitely make sure you know it when it does go up)*

(Some photos sprinkled here and there from the talented David Rager, Rachel Fleischer & Maryse Cuzor)**

An immense and heartfelt thank you to all my dear ones who came together to make this happen for us. This was a group effort and only turned out the way it so lovingly did because of everyone's hard work (and lots of rosé)! And lastly, to my dear and kindred uncle Michel, to whom Elijah & I owe so much gratitude, admiration and deep love for.