Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Freunde von Freunden

Way back in the height heat of this past summer my wonderful friend Claire (of BOOKSTAND) asked me to style some flowers for a shoot that was happening of her brand newly moved-in house for the esteemed Freunde von Freunden. I was so excited by this proposal for several reasons, but mostly because there are few people that I enjoy working with more than Claire. Her eye, her natural tendencies towards colors and shapes, her spirit, and her language. We had such a fun and inspired day and kept our cool from the sweltering heat sipping fermented natural sodas and eating cannelle's! I am so proud of her for all her accomplished endeavors. Read more here and get ready to be inspired! Here's to you Claire! xx

*first six photos were shot by Jessica Comingore


  1. Love how simple and natural everything looks!

  2. When I was reading the article I kept thinking, "Lili must have styled those flowers!" Love this small, beautiful world we live in.

  3. i looooooooooooove everything about everything that is going on here
    that shoot was so perfect
    her space is such an extension of her!
    the light, the colors, the arrangement of everything!
    and the flowers are wild and fun and free and sculptural, you did an amazing job, not one detail went unnoticed by me ;)
    and of course Claire looks so pretty! every photo of her! amazing!

    yes, you two make an amazing team!


  4. lili, thank you so much for everything that day! i will never forget it, truly! your flowers brought the place to life, and what would i have done without your help organizing at the 11th hour. i absolutely adore working with you . you are such an inspiration. in every way. can't wait for collaborations to come ;) x