Saturday, January 12, 2013

I thought that maybe you too would enjoy these baby's breath hanging balls as much as I did. I actually really like baby's breath but it always seems to make itself into my least favorite kind of arrangements. I think it's fine just on it's own! If you ever see Mexican baby's breath grab some too--it is really airy and beautiful all on it's own as well. 

Learn to make your own here and do take some time to go through the coveted Gardenista; there is a plethora of inspiration just waiting for you to discover! I am always awe-inspired and really enjoy spending time on it. Thank you Alexa for this wonderful post!


  1. yes yes yes ... i too love them just like this lil

  2. Thanks Lili for wonderful post!
    I am awe-inspired looking at the linked page! Thanks again.

  3. i love babies breath on its own the best