Wednesday, January 30, 2013


thank you for my cool sign Doug!

This past Saturday was the beautiful evening hosted by TRADESMEN in Venice. The minute I met Doug and Ruben (the shining and ├╝ber-talented couple behind TRADESMEN) I felt as though I was with kinfolk. They gave me free reins and so I set out to do whatever it was my heart desired! I really enjoyed their space and felt inspired with every corner, every shelf, every object in there. But it really comes down to Doug and Ruben and their trails of inspiration that orbit them wherever they go, whatever they touch. More pics here!

Katarina provided her really special and especially clean tasting wine, Wahrheit, which she had shipped from her vineyard in the Black Forest (Germany!) and the Venice Merchant + SMOHK bread provided fresh produce and smoked grilled cheeses!

• • Thank you so much Doug + Ruben • •

...and if you haven't yet been to TRADESMEN yet then go and pay them a visit! You'll be inspired the minute you walk through their doors!


  1. oh my ever expanding bucket list. that's very pretty what you did! bookmarked this place!

  2. LILI!!

    it looks so beautiful, wild and free!! i love it!
    can't wait to stop in!


  3. yup you totally nailed it.
    oh how i'm so happy to have you in my world always spreading and sharing your true goodness.