Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Noguchi inspired lamp part II

the incredible Shelter Half space

picking out the right records to play all night

refreshments + candles here and there

hard at work

magic being spun

i felt like a proud mama! way to go girls!
absolutely stellar

Last night was undeniably fun and magical! It was the first of the Midsummer Nights Crafts series and the loveliest bunch showed up! It was the first time I have ever held a workshop and it really was an inspired evening. I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands and encouraging others to take the time to do the same. It was so lovely watching everyone working together, helping each other out, sharing stories and laughing together. I left completly lifted and floated all the way home. Thank you lovelies for showing up! 

 much more here

* a huge thank you to Elijah for baking us the most incredible olive oil + rosemary cake! It was soooo good!! *

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