Friday, July 6, 2012

Midsummer Nights Crafts

OK so this is what I've been working on extensively these past few weeks! I am so excited to share with you a series of craft workshops that I've curated starting next Thursday at the amazing space of Shelter Half! Yay! What a tremendous opportunity! I feel like it is such a wonderful way to spend a summer's evening: listening to records, sipping on drinks, eating snacks inspired by summer's bounty, and meeting new friends while working on a craft together.

We have some really amazing artists that are going to lead some of the workshops including indigo queen Britt Browne and Krissy Morrison of Colour Plantae (and Thvm)! Yes we are going to get our hands dirty and do some dye-ing! Also a build-your-own Noguchi inspired lamp that you will want to hang in your home and a kokedama workshop so that you can create your own hanging string gardens! Lots of really, really good things to make and build! So are you in? I can't wait!

***A huge thank you to Lauren of Spencer Studio for creating such amazing artwork for our site and her constant stream of support and enthusiasm. I couldn't have done this without her! And another huge thank you to Virginie for her endless source of joy and encouragement of the arts! She is a well of inspiration and magic. This project would not exist without her***


  1. Yhippie!

    SO excited for this!


  2. LILI YOU ARE INCREDIBLE AND SUCH AN INSPIRATION !!!!!!!!! this is so beautiful and magical. i can't wait !


  3. - hello
    thank you for your comment that makes me discover your blog.
    congratulations for the night craft !

  4. thank *you: lauren, claire & home collection* for all of the very nice comments! i'm just as excited as you guys! what fun :)