Sunday, July 22, 2012

Indigo Dye Workshop!

it truly doesn't get much lovelier than Britt Browne
our indigo vat

we all got our hands dirty and blue!
Britt uses black tea as the fix
Britt's indigo starters

I wanted one of Britt's work canvases to have as a comforter or table cloth!

Leave it to Lauren to execute a perfect Shibori stitch!

Brewing some magic!
I made a summer cake with nectarines + blueberries
the wax technique before the dyeing
I took my shoes and threw them in at the very end! Why not?

OK so I have to share with you just how AMAZING Britt Browne's indigo dye workshop was this past Thursday! Seriously: A SUCCESS WOOOO! It was the second workshop of the Midsummer Nights Crafts series and it was spectacular! We had over-spillage in attendance and magically we were able to accommodate everyone. After a quick lecture by Britt everyone was incredibly anxious to get their hands dirty and start dyeing! We had some incredibly good tunes playing thanks to the ample records to choose from, beers & prosecco & sparkling lemonade to sip on and a freshly baked summer cake to eat. What started off a bit modestly turned into people taking their pants & shoes off to throw into the indigo dye vat! It was addicting. It was also pure magic. Thanks to everyone who came and to the incredible Britt who showed everyone what a wonderful good time is all about! You're gonna want to check out more HERE!

If you would like to know more about the Midsummer Nights Crafts go here.
I would love to see pictures of how your dyed items came out so send them here!
If you would like to purchase some of Britt's indigo starters do so here.

 x It was so nice meeting you Angie, Amy, Melissa, Mark and Taka x


  1. Thank you, Tiger Lili!!! I had the most wonderful time! Let's do another workshop again soon. All love, Britt

  2. LOVE IT ALL!!

    i had SO much fun!
    there was so much creativity flowing!
    you both are AMAZING!