Saturday, July 28, 2012

still descending...

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back down to earth from this past Thursday's Summer Fête. It was such a beautiful, inspired evening with such a tremendously good vibe and overall wonderful turnout. For all of you who showed up, thank you. I seriously floated was so, so lovely.

(It's funny because I really am still coming down from it. I always feel the slight pull of my heart's strings after an occasion of such magic and significance comes and goes. I was so enveloped with this fête and working hard to make it all happen and then it does happen and unfolds in such a majestic and heartfelt manner and then is over. Beautiful moments in time can sweep you up and take you away for a slight moment, and that's OK. I'll take my time putting my feet back solidly on the ground).

* Photos to be shared soon *

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