Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's LOVE

Hello friends! How was your Valentine's Day? I had such a wonderful day filled with a lot of love and smiles. Such lovely people stopping in to pick up a little wild bouquet and friends coming in to support and hang out with me over some coffee to little wee ones picking out wildflowers for their mamas. It was so dear, really, the entire day. I am so grateful. I sold out by 6pm! Have more of a peek here.

*** A GIANT thank you to Marta Teegan + Robert Stelzner of COOKBOOK! ***

***and another heartfelt thank you to all my friends + family who showed up to support me or did a post on their blogs (you know who you are). It means the world to me and if I can't put a smile on your hearts, then really what's the point? SO much love to you***



  1. i had a wonderful valentine's day thanks to YOU!!!!
    your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!
    i love seeing all of these photos. it is so lovely that you made each person such a special arrangement and then they get to carry it off with them into the world, and put it in their home, or give it to someone they love... it is really a beautiful thing you do Lili!

    love love love

  2. So great! I wrote a little write up on your pop up here,