Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Katherine Wolkoff

I just discovered Katherine Wolkoff's work and after going through her website and images several times, I am taken by not only her subject matter but also by her graceful capture of light! Beautiful! Case in point: the two photos I posted are from a series titled Deer Beds...! Be still our hearts, right? Simple, clever, and breathtaking subject, no? So inspiring.

(a little note and thank you to Didi, whose blogs make my heart swoon and filled with wanderlust! I find a great deal of wonderful reads, inspirations, and photography from this little burbling well of a blog so go and spend some time with her too. Beware, she's gonna make you want to go to Italy)*

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness - i love these photos!
    i have one in a folder somewhere on my computer
    and i too was so moved by the subject matter
    deer beds
    love it - so sweet and ephemeral

    totally going to check out that blog right now!
    thanks lili!!
    love and light