Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jorge Diezma

Jorge Diezma is a modern day master of chiaroscuro. When I was introduced to his work I was completely mesmerized by his dramatic tonal contrasts conveyed through his observation and painting of light, or lack there of. I enjoy studying his work and feel that it is something that every artist should minutely comprehend: the importance of light. Whether you are a painter, photographer, interior designer, architect, illustrator, ceramicist, sculptor, etc., light plays such a paramount role. Check out more of Jorge's work here.

My final series for my black and white photography class this past winter was precisely on this subject. I appreciate chiaroscuro so much in photography, especially black and white film. I've spent a lot of time studying it. I'll have to share my final photos with you soon...

(thank you Robert for sharing him with me)*


  1. YES! chiaroscuro!!!!!!!
    ;) hahahaaaa!
    love it!

    those photos are amazing! i love the horse one! wow! stunning and dramatic! beautiful!

    and YES! share your photos!!! they are wonderful! and the light in them is beautiful.


  2. wait...


    these are paintings?!
    oh my word!