Tuesday, December 20, 2011

xx Wreath D.I.Y. xx

1.) gather some floral wire and good scissors, bay leaves, berries, and some wildflowers
(bay leaves are super elegant and very easy to work with)

2.) if you don't feel like making your own frame out of sticks and wire, go to a craft store and buy a discounted fake wreath. when you get home, cut off the plastic garland and voila! your very own cool solid frame! (I think I got mine for $3 at Michaels)

3.) start using the floral wire to wrap bunches of bay around your frame
(I highly recommend getting green floral wire so that it blends in with the rest of the greens)

4.) keep attaching bay leaves until desired look!

5.) why not make yourself a floral bay leaf crown as well? attach some flowers to it too!

6.) pretty and pretty easy! it's a win-win

7.) start making little versions of the wreath using scrap pieces and throw them around wine bottles, candles, window latches, etc...
(the floral wire doubled over and braided around itself should make a sturdy enough frame for these wee ones)

8.) wanna know what is cool about these to-do wreaths? you can hang them in your kitchen well after the holidays because the bay will start to dry out and then you can use it to cook with! brilliant (and it makes for a lovely gift for a cook or simply for a friend who likes a bit of wild in the house)*

...and lastly, of course, I couldn't let V.V. escape without a bay leaf wreath of her own!

* hope you're inspired to make one too and if you have any questions, simply email me *


  1. Lovely, Lili! I am planning to make some of these today. Hope you guys are having a glorious holiday. xoxo from Austin!

  2. i love this!
    your wreath is so pretty and simple and perfect!
    thanks for the DIY!
    and of course VV looks very regal in hers

    and i love that your blogin' more!!! :)