Monday, December 12, 2011

Natural Dyeing Part II

Pretty neat, huh?! Lauren and I had a lot of fun practicing what we had previously learned from the natural dye workshop last weekend! We used blackberries, hibiscus, beet powder and turmeric. We dyed different cotton fabrics, cotton yarns, cotton-hemp blends, and I even tried out some different papers. Since it's raining today we'll have to wait to wash them and hang them out to dry in some golden California sun. I think that this is just the beginning of many more dyeing experiments!

On another note, pretty dreamy that it's raining today, no?


  1. i loooove your photos!
    gosh... i must get instagram! they look so pretty!

    i had so much fun! i can't wait to do more!!!!
    part III! here we come


  2. sooo amazing!! your photos look super beautiful lili! love all the lavender happening; )

  3. how fun...i wish i could have been there.