Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Natural Dyeing

This past Saturday, Lauren and I attended a natural dye class held at Cookbook and taught by the ever so lovely Britt Brown of Le Papel paper press. It was insanely fun and we all really got our hands (and nails) dirty! Can I just tell you how amazing it smelled in there with our boiling vats of persimmons, hibiscus and blackberries all simmering? It is such a beautiful process and esoteric craft to learn. Britt showed us some Japanese Shibori stitching and taught us about the different papers, fabrics and techniques that we could experiment with. I really appreciated the ephemeral quality of the fabric's fate and the fact that everything in the room that we were using was edible! I think Lauren and I are going to experiment and dye some scarves and yarn and see what we come up with. More on that later...

Also, a huge thank you to Marta and Robert of Cookbook for holding these classes in their beautiful space No.2. They are such a rad couple and brought out an appetizing cheese & charcuterie plate for us to devour at the end of our workshop. If you haven't been to Cookbook yet, please go! You will be incredibly delighted I am certain of this!


  1. this looks like it was so much fun!!

  2. Beautiful pictures - wish I took the class as well. Love that top pic - getting yr hands dirty . Pulling apart the pomegranate -

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun :) I find the natural dyeing process so interesting! Looking forward to trying some plant dyes out myself soon.