Wednesday, February 5, 2014


monochromatic wildflowers indeed!

the beautiful Henbane watercolor + Love Totem drawing by artist Lauren Spencer King

kittens and kale!
Mallory! That dress! That hair! That spirit!

 lovely Leigh Patterson of synonym journal

captivating us as usual, Dana!
sweetest little boy showing us his moon fish collection

lovely, lovely photographer Stella Berkofsky
What a weekend we had over at the L.A. Art Book Fair at MoCA Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo! Leigh and I were in charge of the BOOK STAND table all weekend long and it was so much fun! The theme that Claire so cleverly created for BOOK STAND was one color : pink. We got to:

• meet the loveliest bunch of people
• part stacks of books aside to set up a temporary flower shop + sell monochromatic pink flowers (!)
• share all of our favorite artists / photographs / books / journals that fell under the pink umbrella
• drink strawberry-silver-milk from Moon Juice
• stare at Mark Borthwick's 'all the best bird`s feel her' poster over at Jane & Jeremy stand
• spotting Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord  nearby getting a book signed
• dress in shades of blush and pink all in the name of pink
• witness a very special moon fish collection
• got to see/touch base with so many friends that we hadn't seen in a long while
• got to enjoy (finally) some rain as we were tearing down Sunday night

Overall it was a success! More than anything I enjoyed getting to spend time with Leigh Patterson, who I don't often get to see because she lives in Austin, Texas. Important to mention too: it was so nice meeting all of you who so kindly stopped by to introduce yourselves, to say hello, or simply talk flowers with me. Gosh I was so stoked! Still am, actually...


  1. so jealous i couldn't see #liliandleigh in action. so good.

    1. so stoked that i got to see you MM -- much too brief but still, at least I got that moment! and leigh...sigh...gosh how i love her so!

      you both are so wonderful. exceptionally wonderful. truly.

  2. aah ! mega magical lili. as always. thank you for that bouquet, my friend loved it SO much!

    1. D A N A ! ! ! so happy to hear it, beauty! you are the one who is magical! i am so happy that those pretty blooms went to your dear friend. you are a vision each and every time i see you, i swear. a ray of golden sunlight! thank *you*