Friday, February 7, 2014

changes / movement / details

wildflower hunting this morning for valentine's day! one of my favorite things to do ;)

Hi friends, I just want to check in for a moment. A few new things:

* So, TIGERS to LILIES has a new logo. I really loved the old one but I felt it was time for a change, especially because I am in the middle of so many changes, so why not here too? I would really like to know what you think of it?

* I've been working hard on my website, which is still yet to be up, but I also have been working on this which I very much am happy about. Please have a visit and let me know your thoughts:

* I have been working a ton in my studio too, which means that I am taking a bit longer to respond to emails and comments, but please know that I appreciate all of them. I do. Have I ever mentioned to you that my spirit animal might just be the trusted snail...

* Lastly, this year for Valentine's Day I am trying to create something really unique and special. My friends over at En Soie have generously lent me their space and beautiful work table to hold a temporary space for TIGERS to LILIES on Valentine's Day. I am working hard to hunt down wildflowers that haven't been sprayed and are freely growing. Bouquets will be available at Cookbook Market in Echo Park, the Urban Radish downtown in the Arts District and over at Shelter Half on La Brea. I will be in-store personally at En Soie in Silver Lake to make bouquets per order. My wonderfully talented friend and chef extraordinaire Eden Batki is preparing to bake herbal donuts too, available to pre-order or to simply purchase at En Soie day-of. Seriously waaay stoked about this combination: wildflowers + donuts! Two of my favorite things! Shoot me an email if you would like more details -- we are creating the flavors of the donuts over the weekend and I will know more by the end of the weekend. Many more details on Monday!

I think that covers mostly everything. Excuse the verbose entry today. Lots to share. Thank you for visiting and for your support. Always, Lili x


  1. everything looks and sounds wonderful!
    hunting for wildflowers in febuary sounds insane - there are only snowdrops around here in germany:)

    just found the picture of the bouquet with the californian poppies on your blog - i´m so glad a friend gave some seeds to me last year, they look so positive and amazing in my garden:)

    1. WSAKE you are the best! thank you for always being incredibly supportive + leaving me kind comments. it must be quite cold in germany. do you have snow flowers?
      i was picking flowers in the fields today for a couple of hours under the sun, with bees and lizards. if you come here to los angeles, i would be happy to take you to the picking fields. anytime of the year ;)

      thank you again and happy valentine's day to you xo