Friday, May 10, 2013

Wildflowers for your (and my) mom!

wild garden roses for COOKBOOK (Echo Park)

wildflowers + Emilie Halpern at the Ermie table at Echo Park Craft Fair

I'll be making bouquets on-the-fly at Shelter Half too!

Hi friends! Lots of fun in order this weekend all to celebrate moms! TIGERS to LILIES will be:

• at COOKBOOK (Echo Park)
Sat 5/11 + Sun 5/12
8am - 8pm

I'm dropping off insanely beautiful bouquets of wild garden roses Sat + Sun to Cookbook, kindly foraged from Rose Lane Farms. Thank you so much Lynne!

• at the Ermie table at the Echo Park Craft Fair
Sat 5/11 + Sun 5/12
12 - 6pm

Lovely Jennifer of Ermie has paired me up with the insanely talented artist Emilie Halpern. I did tiny arrangements for her winsome ceramics line being sold this weekend at Ermie's table. Seriously good scores at her table, including work from dear friends Lauren Spencer King + Claire Cottrell. Jennifer's line is to covet, and my dear friend Britt Browne will also have a table there. In other words, you should stop by. Thank you Jennifer!

Sat 5/11 + Sun 5/12
12 - 6pm

I'll be at the store in person, making arrangements for you! All foraged by me from Rose Lane Farms + Muir Ranch! That means that all my flowers are local, seasonal, and pesticide-free! Very, very special indeed. Stop by and say hello! Thank you so much Lynne & Mud Baron!

* * *Happy Mother's Day to you, miman* * *

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