Friday, May 31, 2013

Oyster Magazine

so game of thrones no?

Sometimes I get commissioned to do really wonderful, fun, creative work that I enjoy so, so, so much but I can't always share it on my blog right away. Especially with work done for magazines. These are floral coronets that I made for Oyster Magazine way back last winter. I really enjoy this kind of work--artistry involving my hands, my flowers and plant materials. It is meditation for me once I get into my own world (aka my head) to create. I am given a lot of creative liberty too which is really nice. Usually I'm given a color palette and texture samples and a request almost always comes accompanied with a couple of photos for the mood and the rest is up to me. This is such an ideal way to work. I had actually forgotten about these photos and am going through all my photos for my new website that I am putting together (more on that soon I promise) and I chanced upon these and was so super happy to get to share them with you! 

Thank you again Oyster Magazine xx

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