Monday, April 30, 2012

Frederick Bouchardy: Ames Sœurs

Have you ever smelled any of the scents that Frederick Bouchardy created for Opening Ceremony, Rodarte, or Alexis Bittar? The third Joya scent Ames Sœurs created by this scent whisperer is to be released soon and I want one of these limited beautifully 22kt gold encrusted porcelain candles! Since my blog is not a scratch n' sniff, his description will have to do for now (my heart is swooning):

The top notes are  tamarind, Cyprus and grapefruit; the middle is rose bulgur, ginger and orange blossom, and the dry-down is cedar wood, incense, amber and sweet musk, so the overall effect is orange blossoms, wrapped in smoke, incense and musk.
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(bottom image borrowed from W magazine)


  1. HOLLY COW!!!

    where do i sign up!
    is sounds like it was made for my nose! ;)
    and the candle holder is seriously out of control!


    oh... and he's pretty cute too

    i'll take it all! ;)

  2. nice post from 2012 and i like the man in the first picture! just wanted to tell you that you are just amazing and everything about you makes me smile haha take care ;)