Thursday, April 12, 2012

Karen Walker's Little Aliens

Yesterday I had the grand honor to work with Claire Cottrell for Karen Walker's opening ceremony at the Chateau Marmont for her newest eyewear line Little Aliens. This was so amazing and so much fun on so many different levels. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Claire because she has such a peaceful demeanor and calm spirit about things. She is as lovely as they come. Working at the majestic Chateau was also such a perk because I haven't ventured to it's splendid grounds in such a long time. I had a really lovely sit in it's enchanting gardens after the event to enjoy a tea and a moment of stillness. This was so exciting for me that I didn't want to miss out on the moment; I wanted to sit there and drink it all up and appreciate it while still in it. And Karen is so, so pretty. wow.

* * *Thank you again, Claire* * *

More fun here!


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    (i use amazong when a simple amazing just won't do)

    this looks great! i love you other worldly flowers, so simple and sculptural!

    this is so rad you got to do this! 2012! you were right! year of the dragon!

    KW's clothes are always my fave! if only they would fill up my closet and her eyewear would find it's way onto my face!

    a girl can dream!


    ps - sorry for the un-post, i had a spelling mistake! eaks!

  3. ps - also love the self portrait! ;)
    and the color combos are fab!

  4. wow lili, this is fantastic! felicitations!

  5. lili! (i'm just figuring out how to comment on blogspot... hello 2012.) thank you for such a lovely review. i am so glad that we've found each other! i can't wait to create more beautiful things together! x

  6. What a dream gig! Love the bottlebrush.