Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Can I Do?

You know how sometimes you get the feeling that you'd like to volunteer or give more of yourself to help others in some way and then you loose your steam because you are not sure where to begin? Well this is a great jumping point! My dear friend Rachel Fleischer decided to do something about it and started a grassroots campaign for the cause and kindly asked me to contribute some art for it. I tried to convey hope, love and light through my piece, and I certainly was honored to be the first artist to get asked to present a piece. Get more information here! Way to go Rachel!


  1. Thanks Lili!! Thank you for your gorgeous art that indeed conveys hope, light and humanity! xoxox

  2. Lili!
    this is amazing! Your drawing is beautiful!
    such a talent!
    and what a wonderful cause, and idea, i can't wait to read more about it


  3. aww, thank you both so much. it really means a lot*