Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Alexander Calder,

these flowers are dedicated to you!
xo, lili

Alexander Calder remains to be one of my most favorite artist. He invented the mobile as accepted art and put it on the map way back in the day and his creations have inspired so much of what has transcended to this very day. I couldn't help but notice that the silver dollar eucalyptus that I brought home reminded me of him and his mobiles. Even more when I placed them with just a few anemones, the whole arrangement looked so delicate and airy and very modern. An ephemeral, grounded mobile. Pay attention to the shape of not only flowers and their petals but to leaves as well. You might be pleasantly surprised too.


  1. i love this post
    super sweet and inspiring


  2. I love this post....almost as much as I love you!