Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spencer Studio

I think it's quite apparent now that when I really get excited about someone's work I tend to put up quite a few pictures, don't I?! Allow me to properly introduce you to Lauren Spencer King and her remarkable studio: Spencer Studio! She is insanely talented and has such a clean and eloquent aesthetic. The pictures I posted are either from her art site, her studio site, or her wonderful blog. The girl has stellar taste. Period. The manner in which she executes her watercolors inspired from nature has me swooning. Wait until you see the rest of her work! Be prepared to take off and soar in the land of inspirations and beauty and milky ways...


  1. LILI!

    you are so sweet!
    i am blushing!
    thank you thank you
    i am honored to be on your blog, and super happy i know you and that we are neighbors!
    thank you for all your kind words


  2. awww thank *YOU* Lauren for putting so much beauty out into the world***