Monday, May 9, 2011

Something Special*

Today I'd like to send a little curtsy to Elijah, my beautiful and ridiculously cool husband. He's usually behind the scenes of anything I do that has any matter of importance. Case in point: a friend and I decided to have a last minute wildflower sidewalk sale for Mother's Day and I scrambled to make flyers and get organized very last minute (very, very last minute). Friday night, while I was busy working away, he quietly took his skateboard and set about town posting them up for me. Mr. cool, on his skateboard with a ton of wildflower flyers under his arm. Really. I just can't think of anyone cooler or lovelier. Here's to you, my love*

How was your weekend? Shellie (Soulflower) did you have a wonderful Mother's Day? I hope so. And all my other wonderful friends and bloggers, did you get to celebrate an especially lovely woman this weekend? Maybe yourself? Please tell me...


  1. how did it end up working out? post photos. What a love indeed! My husband is the same way except he doesnt skateboard. My weekend was hectic because of sophies birthday but its all fine. Yesterday was nice because i did laze around and watch my animes and even took a nap while everyone made me coffee bacon and french toast and brought me blue hydrangeas!!!

  2. aww - how sweet! That is precious.

  3. SO HAPPY you did the flower sale and we got to connect again (after our first meeting at Elf, what a small world)
    i love your blog, i kept doing the "one more page... just one more page..." until i got to the end hahaa