Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Clearly if I upload thirteen photos of someone's work it must be that I am both enamored and fully appreciative of the work being done. Bornay is hands down one of the greatest flower studios around. They really are. They esteem the value of not only quality flowers but also the necessary tools and spirit needed to cater to another world entirely. And isn't that what we all really want when looking for someone to provide that ephemeral realm that we are hosting, even if only for one night? They get it. Big time.


  1. ARent they so fabulous! I go to their blog all the time its like another world or realm as you say!!

  2. Thank you!!! really thank you for your really beautiful words about our work! it's an honor for us! you have a very beautifull blog too! We keep reading! xxx

    And thank you shellie for you too!

    Joan, Fàtima&Marta.