Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Under the Spell...

Well here it is my friends. A true & sincere as can be DIY wedding ceremony not traditional in the least and everything I could ever hope for: love, loved ones, close ones, kindred ones, nature, feathers, basket cakes, rivers, v.v., castles, full moon, forest, birds & frogs, boats, floating lanterns, mobiles, dancing, laughing, singing, doves, warm summer nights, sweetheart parades, candle light, craft circles, wildflowers, rosé, croquembouches, smiles, hearts afloat, fields, poetry, radiance & light, and lots and lots of smiling and laughter.

A flutter of the heart: Ceremony Part I
Ceremony Part II

All photos from the talented and lovely-as-can-be Jamie Russom (soon to have her site up and I will definitely make sure you know it when it does go up)*

(Some photos sprinkled here and there from the talented David Rager, Rachel Fleischer & Maryse Cuzor)**

An immense and heartfelt thank you to all my dear ones who came together to make this happen for us. This was a group effort and only turned out the way it so lovingly did because of everyone's hard work (and lots of rosé)! And lastly, to my dear and kindred uncle Michel, to whom Elijah & I owe so much gratitude, admiration and deep love for.


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! I would have loved to photograph your wedding!!

  2. I said it once, I will say it again. Congratulations to you and Elijah!
    What an amazing wedding for two people so clearly in love.

  3. your dress is beyond words. it looks like you could just float away. congratulations on your big day!

  4. what a to-die-for wedding! simply gorgeous :) p.s. you have quite a lovely blog, too!

  5. OH

    what in the world!
    this is amazing!!!
    where is this!
    everything is SO beautiful and dreamy!
    i need details!

    your neighbor and new friend :)