Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wildflower Fields of Magic, Beauty + Fairies

Happy May Day everyone! I felt it quite fitting to post Fritz Haeg's living art piece :  

It's Haeg's native wildflower seed sowing initiative that is both beautifying our neighborhoods and stoking out the birds and the bees (and us admirers too)! If you live in Los Angeles, please take a moment to visit one of his 50 sites. You will be so happy that you did and how please take the young ones with you too (how nice that it's free)! It's incredibly well planned and the site is easy to ready and to navigate. If you don't live in Los Angeles, then here is a little glimpse from five different sites that I visited with Elijah a few weeks back. We made an end-of-the-day date out of it! I looked to see which ones were in proximity to one another so that we could hit up a bunch in one outing, and then looked at the color codes on the site 's map to see which of the ones I selected were blooming. We ended up in the Mt. Washington / Eagle Rock area driving around with my scribbled map of addresses and cameras in hand. It truly made for a spectacular date and felt like a wildflower hunt! We were stoked every time we spotted the brown Wildflowerng LA signs and felt accomplished that we got to see all five that we set out to view. It also made me realize how much beauty we have here in California that is native, and why not use that for our lawns and gardens? Even if you only make it to one, I know that you will be so happy that you did. Happy magical wildflower hunting!

Please let me know which site(s) you have visited and share with me what you saw!

*some of the wildflowers you see above are purple lupine, yellow tidy tips, orange california poppies, pink clarksias + purple lacy phacelia to name a few


  1. Haha, the funny thing is that I found you after typing lilies in G. These tidy tips are small and beautiful! By the way I was in South Coast Botanic Garden back in the 1998 - nice place ;)
    You're welcome on my blog about asiatic lilies and it would be awesome if you could read and comment my article about lily breeding ! I look forward to hear from you. ~Amy

  2. What a brilliant way to celebrate the season and L.A.'s native flora. I was so curious to see how this thought-provoking project would turn out...thank you so much for the update and for your beautiful photos!