Saturday, May 17, 2014

KRISTIN MORRISON / Natural Dyes + Goods

I am so very excited to share with you my dear friend Kristin's new website! It has been a year in the making and she has had so much going on that I just have to gush about her completing it and getting it up! Kristin is a natural dyer, designer and fiber artist. She forages a lot of her natural ephemera for dying from The Ecology Center's incredibly lush California native gardens. She is such a source of inspiration! Have a look at her site and let me know what you think! How amazing is the Logwood Foraging Apron! A little more about what she has to say and why I respect her so much:

"Through the process of foraging and alchemizing plants into natural dyes, I explore the inherent connection of humans with nature, the relationship between us, and how we can draw upon the plenitude of nature, to nourish, heal, design and create.

Because humans exist as part of the natural world, it is imperative that we not compete with nature, but instead participate and commune with nature, not only for our survival, but also for our prosperity as a species."

I am such a fan! Beautiful, respectably sound goods from such a beautiful spirit. Way to go Kristin xo

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  1. Kristin's stuff is beautiful. I'm waiting for your new articles, Lili !
    Best Regards