Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Standard Plant-scription

The Standard Hotel, Hollywood has had a plant-scription with me for almost a year now, and to this day it is one of my very favorite places to bring plants to! Their plant-scription consists of me bringing in plants that A) will last B) enhance the environment and C) are design appropriate for the Standard's keen aesthetic. Once all the plants are installed, I come in and water, administer vitamins (if needed) and make sure that everyone is thriving and happy. It's very satisfying to see my green friends not only live but thrive in this environment! I even brought a baby pineapple to maturity indoors

This week we included plants for their iconic pool. I worked closely with their design director to make sure that the plants out by the pool would look different than the usual suspects. We chose ones that resembled underwater sea-life, like corals and anemones. Immediately they were all very well received. Thus, the clients are happy, The Standard is happy, my green friends are happy, and I am (extremely) happy!

If you are curious about a plant-scription for your home, your office, your hotel, or to gift to someone else simply email me :  Let's start this conversation and bring in some nature indoors! Woohoo ; )

 xx thank you so much Jenni B. + The Standard Hotel! xx

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