Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Taylor Stitch : The Ladies Club

A few weeks back, my friends at Funkhaus and their friends over at Taylor Stitch asked if I would be interested in being featured in TS The Ladies Club. I was delighted and said why yes! of course. How fun! And fun it was - I got to showcase some of my favorite green friends, including that I brought to Funkhaus almost a year ago and continue to care for weekly through my plant-sciption service. I watch them like a proud mama, all of them thriving and growing. I made a new human friend along the way too, the brilliant Kate Jones of Ursa Major who outfitted me in head-to-toe Taylor Stitch. I like that all of their clothing is part tomboy, part sophisticated, and all the way cool. Overall, a really fun day that ended with a big lunch and a many good laughs. 

Thank you so much Funkhaus (you boys are so good to me) + Taylor Stitch!
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photos by: Anthony Masters
styling by: Kate Jones
all clothes Taylor Stitch


  1. such a lovely girl...
    always inspired by your wild wild flowers!

  2. Love the indoor plants! They look so beautiful.

    I've only started getting into them in a big way on the pretext of "improving air quality" but really because they look great. Trying not to kill them!