Sunday, January 19, 2014


sometimes you just got put some googley eyes on  ;)

Couple of things: 

first: happy Sunday to you!

second: I had a kokedama workshop in my studio last weekend! I started the class off with mini -terrariums! F U U N N N ! ! ! 

third: sorry for the the abundance in photos, but I am working on creating another site for all my outtakes and until it's up I kinda want to share with you what I am doing! And, I have to admit, I was very proud of this class -- I am always amazed at how beautiful everyone's kokedamas turn out. A + +


  1. Kokedama & Green it! Can't tell you how incredibly excited I am to read about your class and to discover an amazing plant shop.

  2. Hi Lisa! THANK YOU! I hope that you can attend one of my workshops sometime ;)

    Green Fingers is on my list of shops to visit, too.

    I appreciate you leaving a comment. Take care, Lili