Saturday, January 18, 2014

GREEN FINGERS / Satoshi Kawamoto

Satoshi Kawamoto!

Green Fingers,  Japan
Green Fingers in the East Village, NYC

Oh can I even begin to share Green Fingers with you?! Maybe you already know of Satoshi and his magically wonderful green world? Tokyo-based Satoshi Kawamoto is a garden stylist/artist whose work is, simply put, botanical art. Botanical art -- doesn't that just sound so good? What I sincerely appreciate about his work, besides his passion and eye and love for plants + flowers is that he explores what this relationship is that exists between us and them. It's a celebration, really. Life, death and everything green in-between. I am such a fan. Such an admirer. I very much look forward to visiting Green Fingers next time I am in New York or Japan! 

"Laying the groundwork for a field where greenery is a familiar presence, he seeks to enrich the ways in which people relate to flora and fauna." -GF

Bonus: Satoshi put out a beautiful book recently called Deco Room with Plants which you can purchase from BOOK STAND. It is a must for your library!

p.s. Feel free to gush to me if you have already been! Seriously! Or send me a photo  ;)


  1. Hello Lili,

    Will you come to Japan? Are you sure about that? Please come come! I hope to see you again!!

  2. Shuhei! YES! I am going to come to Japan this year!! I will see you!

    I miss you!

  3. I would like to invite you to everywhere you want to visit in Japan. See you soon!

    I miss you too! Thank you.