Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sowing Seeds in the Desert

all three above images taken from Anna Scwalbe's magnificent book, Wiese  

I'm reading a nature masterpiece written by the late Masanobu Fukuoka called Sowing Seeds in the Desert. I couldn't help but share this next pasage with you: I was so moved by it.

I spent many years of my youth foolishly searching for something I "should" have been doing. Instead, I should have entrusted everything to the flowers blooming in the meadow. Even if people do nothing at all, the grasses and trees and the songbirds will live on.
I have finally learned that, although nature does not reach out to people directly, people can always approach nature and seek salvation that way."
-M. Fukuoka

What do you think? Take a moment. Feel what that does to your heart. Can you relate?


  1. oh! i love this!
    and i was thinking about the last part, although i think nature surely can go on and be quite happy with out us, it doesn't need us like we need it (it doesn't have a codependent relationship with us, like we do with it), i think that nature DOES reach out to people directly. i think it's the people that may not be aware of it, but i think it dose strive to have an exchange with us, send us signs, show up as conformations, or lessons, or teachers. i think it has times when it reaches out, not out of need, but out of communing, from it's purity of just being itself. and what a great lesson for us to learn from it. that just being has a greater, more powerful, way of communicating. that is isn't isolating, but it's welcoming, it draws you in.
    and yes, nature is the master of just "being", and i think in this way we think it isn't reaching out, but perhaps in it's just being, with it's arms stretched out, waiting openly, it is ready to receive us when we are ready to be embraced. and in a way, that is a great act of love.


    1. oh lauren i really appreciate your commenting on this. i want to elaborate on what you said more, but i think i much rather do that over tea with you then on the interweb! THANK YOU GF!


  2. I love this Lili. a lesson to be still. my heart swelled when I read it, truly! (before I read your line of encouragement to feel what it did to our hearts.) it reminds me of "That you are here—that life exists... That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse." :) xx So so nice seeing you last night, you are so wonderful! (going to grab one of those necklaces at Dream Collective soon, too) -Dana