Thursday, August 8, 2013

Poolside at The Standard Hotel, Hollywood

after some hard work, some hard play in the sun, girls-in-fields style
The Standard Hotel, Hollywood, has been a dream client to work with. They hired me this summer to plant-scape some green and magic into their diner and provide weekly fresh flowers for the tables. The plant/flower magic was called upon as a nod to their new chef, Nina Clemente, who is really elevating diner food to another level. Non-GMO product is a huge part of Nina's philosophy, and even their canola oil (for their insanely good fries) is non-GMO! Organic produce, lots of vegan options, daily fresh squeezed juices and the best lemon-blueberry pancakes I have ever had just to list a few of the noteworthy changes. The menu is A+ and the diner is so elegant with scents of fresh rosemary and sage. Sometimes when I'm working on the plants and flowers I feel that if I were to turn around I would spot Holly Golightly sitting at a booth by herself, indulging in some pancakes, her huge black sunglasses covering her eyes. 

(Don't forget to bring your swimsuit)!

1 comment:

  1. so wonderful
    i love your arrangements
    to me herbs are the most beautiful plants

    and the food just sounds delightful