Friday, July 5, 2013

the wedding garden

inside their geodesic dome, where the magic begins
the ecology center!
flower seedling starters
creating lil planting nests for them in between straw
seedling starters happy beginnings
taking a break inside for tea with evan

I've written about The Ecology Center  before. I helped on the flower front with Green Feast here and here. Now my friends Evan Marks (founder, brilliant mind behind The Ecology Center) and Krissy Morrison (remember our natural dye workshop with her?) of Colour Plantae are getting married and having their party at The Ecology Center this October!

The three of us have started a wedding garden to have fresh flowers and herbs to cut and use! How beautiful is that? And fun! Evan got the seedlings started and I commenced planting them in their gardens this week. This is the beginning of a really special gesture, I can feel it. All the while just being there is such a moment of peace, of positivity and of sunshine. If you should want to pay them a visit and volunteer I can guarantee you that you will leave the grounds so lifted and full of life. It's abundant everywhere there. This is such a dream project. I'm all about this kind of awareness and respect, not just for Evan and Krissy but for what they represent, what The Ecology Center represents, and all the people there who put in so much time and heart to educate, to grow, to share, and to make the world a better place. Did I mention they just got their beehive all set go and get some honey and make your life a little sweeter!


  1. i have figured out commenting for the second time ! it's so lovely to see your work shared here lili. the wedding garden is such a beautiful idea, and i love seeing what's involved ! i'd very much like to go down with you the next time you're there to tend to the garden. i am happy to be your volunteer for the day! i'm excited to see the beehive too !

  2. I totally agree with the comment. The wedding garden is indeed a great idea. I was actually thinking of a garden wedding when i read the title of your blog but i was happy to see pictures of the ecology center and the seedlings. Best of luck to you. Keep it up.