Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am really so excited and honored with my newest wildflower account: Cortez! Everything in the space is already so beautifully curated (including the beautiful Sam Gore vases I get to use) by owners Marta Teegan and Robert Stelzner that it makes is absolutely divine to float in there and add some finishing touches.

Have you eaten there yet? Go! It's absolutely stellar. I find myself lingering after the flowers are done to have a coffee and appreciate all the beauty around me.

Thank you so much Marta + Robert!


  1. Yes, very cool Lil!! I finally went in the other day and it was so pretty - I actually admired a really cool garland there I was wondering if it was you!?

  2. I haven't been but will most definitely go! Just yesterday I visited cookbook for the first time and really liked it.

    I really like the grouping of those two words, wildflower account.