Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shelter Half + Daily Candy


Ummm, so this is pretty exciting. Have you heard of Shelter Half here in Los Angeles? It's a pretty rad pop-up of amazing designers, records, rare books, photography, stellar furniture and home goods + organic products in an incredibly large and extremely well curated space. Good vibes all around. They have asked me to have a TIGERS to LILIES pop-up for the month of June (I am honored), and in the meantime, I'll be dropping off little arrangements to celebrate mother's day this Saturday and Sunday. Pretty cool. I highly recommend checking them out: you'll probably spend some time simply hanging out in their super beautiful and comfortable sofas leafing through an exceptionally good book while listening to some old records. You must say hello to Virginie, too. Doesn't get much cooler than her...

*also, the ad doesn't give credit to Silver Lake Farms which is how I can even go about starting my mornings in the fields. Tara Kolla's extremely hard work, dedication, research, sweat and heart is inspiring on so many different levels. It's all thanks to her we (and I) can have wildflowers that are not only organic but peaceful and prepossessing. Thank you Tara!

Lastly, a little snippet in Daily Candy is certainly a nice way to start the day. Thank you Daily Candy!


  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    i'm so excited for you!!!
    girl... there is no stoppin' you! ;)

    let's celebrate!!

    love, L

  2. OMG super cool Lil!
    You are well on your way you little bright star, you!
    See ya this weekend!