Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am SO beat after this looong mother's day weekend! WOW. It was fantastic and wonderful but I'm not going to lie, A LOT OF WORK. I've decided that this week is going to be my stay-cation week! Besides school and a photography assignment for school, I'm not going to do much else but catch up on sleep, do some cooking + baking, Spring cleaning too, long walks with V.v. and some much needed quality time with Elijah. Pretty grand and very much needed. Have you taken a stay-cation before? So far, so great for me...

My lovely friend Leona and I kicked off my stay-cation yesterday listening to records while making a saffron + peach jam with peaches that we picked from her tree! Leo also muddled some left over peaches and made us Irish Peaches to drink! This is a wonderful way to spend the day. Have you ever made jam before? Drank an Irish Peach?

As for the events of this past weekend, I have so much to share and show you but it will have to wait. For those of you who stopped by, it was so nice to meet you. Did you have a nice mother's day weekend?

* * *A most tremendous and heartfelt *thank you* to both Elijah & Lauren for all of their help this past weekend too. Certainly could not have done it without them* * *

 XOXO to all the mother's out there!

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  1. oh my gosh - you are too sweet!
    i am the head of the Lili fan club... so you can count on my help any time!

    i can't wait to see photos!
    and RELAX and REST! and enjoy it!
    you deserve it!

    love, L