Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Walker: Magical Thinking

a photo shoot by: Tim Walker

Of this incredible photo shoot done by none other than our beloved Tim Walker, stylist Jacob K states that "It was based on pure fantasy." It was photographed in two stages, the second ending in a chimney fire that took firefighters 15 hours to get under control! The insanely beautifully tousled cherry blossoms were styled by set designer Shona Heath. I love the proportions between the vase and the branches. And she created the flame spewing dragon out of foil cupcakes liners! It all really is magical creating, right? I would have loved to have been working on that set to see the magical dreamscaping unfolding in front of my very own eyes.

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  1. you should create your own and have a photo shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    next craft night?? ;)