Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thierry Boutemy: fleuriste

I thought that I might delight you with this post on fleuriste extrordinaire, Thierry Boutemy. I'm quite certain you know of him even if his name doesn't ring a bell. He was the flower magician for Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. 'Ah-ha!' I can almost hear you say! He is a revered player of flowers and all things wild in the fashion world and I am almost quite certain you have seen his work in editorials or photos. I couldn't resist not buying this month's British Vogue just so that I could tear through the article on him and then tear the pages out to scan and share with you! He is a wonderfully brilliant artist. He's more than a florist or lover of flowers, I believe. I cannot say enough good things about him: he really inspires me. The creations that he masterfully builds and breathes life into are so awe-inspiring: just look at the giant balls of white hydrangeas hanging from the ceiling! He pushes any notions of what a flower can be or represents, and yet he really is very quite simple about them. Unfussy, even. He spins magic...


  1. I agree Lili. Thierry Boutemy creates magical worlds that would inspire even the hardest heart. He makes me smile and fills our world with colour. What a wonderful way to be!

  2. Lili!! I'm so happy you posted this! Thanks for sharing the article! xx

  3. he really is a flower magician! ; )

  4. i totally have a crush on him!

  5. thierry is the master!
    when i designed flowers in sf the owner of the design studio was a sculptor first, so we used to make a lot of creations reminiscent of thierry's (obviously no where near his) but beautiful and grandiose nonetheless.
    it's kinda crazy how much you can manipulate flowers - they are truly unbelievable.

  6. I'm so happy you posted this! Thanks for sharing the article! xx
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