Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pressed Flowers

I've been using some of my pressed petals lately and I really love it. It's a delicate craft in nature due to the fragility of the petals, but they are so worth the time it takes to press and later use. I'm still playing around with which adhesive works best. It's also rather wonderful how the shape of certain petals can suggest another creature or forms.


  1. i love it lili. there is a shop called thevysherbarium. she uses petals and branches in her artwork too and she is french too. so of course it reminded me of you!

  2. thank you so much shellie! how very sweet & thoughtful of you. i liked her etsy shop!

  3. happy you found my blog! love yours too!! i lived in LA for seven yrs.
    look forward to digging through yr archives this weekend!

  4. hello, there:-)

    these are absolutely beauty-full!:-)

    thanks for letting us see:-)