Monday, August 22, 2011

Craft night/afternoon!

some exceptionally bright & talented ladies


my branch arrows!

thank you Lauren for introducing me to gold leaf!

the beginning of Lauren's beautifully crafted crescent dreamcatcher

Lauren patiently showing me the ropes to leafing

I even got to tie a little crystal on one of my arrows!

It's pretty extraordinary when you have not one but *two* artistic neighbors that are both lady spirits, extremely well crafted and beautiful! We decided to put some time aside and have an actual craft night that lead to a continuation gathering outdoors the very next day! HA! The creativity was flowing! Feathers, crystals, branches, paints, tape, twine, string & gold leaf! It was pretty awesome and very inspiring to be around these two wondrous ladybirds as we spun tales, wove magic, and shared an evening + afternoon of heartfelt stories and laughs. Thanks to this craft session I finally got to complete some branch arrows that I have wanted to make for a long time. And my spirit felt lifted and inspired. I think the best part though was realizing how fortunate I am to have both Lauren and Kelly as my upstairs neighbors and new friends! I mean c'mon, really?!


O We're planning our next craft night for the first full moon in September O


  1. can't wait for round two!
    full moon craft night!!!!

    I feel so grateful too!
    this is such a sweet post!

    love you ladies!

  2. Lili!!
    I LOVE your branch arrows!! So cool, wish I was there to join in. xx

  3. your branches turned out great how much fun. i am so jealous of your craft night!! the next one should prove to be fun. you know the next full moon is the harvest moon the largest full moon of the year. we have an outdoor evening picnic/barbeque with our family and friends on that evening every year.