Friday, July 29, 2011

Biodynamic Farming!

Do you know about biodynamic farming? While visiting the Ehlers Estate Organic Vineyard in Napa this week, Elijah and I learned all about this old-tried-and-true holistic and chemical-free farming method. It is fascinating and wonderful and cosmic! It originates from the work of Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolph Steiner, and is a hands-on approach where the land is treated as a complete living organism in order to achieve greater produce. Naturally healthier and happier, the land bears happier and healthier fruits and vegetables! The basic philosophy is this: leave the land in better shape then when you found it. It's such a grand yet simple idea. Here are some of it's strict criteria*:
-reading the language of nature through careful observation
-avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides (hello lady bugs!)
-taking into account cosmic rhythms when planning vineyard activity
-using biodynamic preparations as medicines for the Earth
-employing concepts from the self-sustaining farm model, i.e. composting, attracting beneficial fauna, etc.
-nourishing the soil as a living organism

I love this concept of taking care of what takes care of you. Doesn't it make perfect sense in general? When speaking with the staff they also mentioned burying cow horns in specific energy hot spots throughout the vineyards and using herbs such as nettle and lavender to make "compost teas" for the land! Isn't that just so wonderful? And following the lunar cycle when it comes to crop picking and never taking from the vines on a full moon. It was soooooo fascinating and inspiring to hear about. It takes organic farming to the next level. They had the best tasting wine too! We could feel the good vibes and energy flowing there. If you go to Napa, and I certainly hope that you do, go and visit the Ehlers Vineyard and see/feel for yourself!
Ehlers Estate Vineyard, we tip our hats to you! Thank you!

*Above pictures and facts taken from the Ehlers Estate Organic Vineyard website ;)

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  1. i love Rudolph Steiner!!!!
    he was awesome
    his writings on color are great!!
    and i use all the Weleda products

    why don't you pick on a full moon?