Saturday, July 23, 2011

Honey of a Thousand Flowers

A friend of mine passed along Kinfolk my way (thank you Kelly!) and I immediately fell into a deep read. Have you heard of it? Tucked inside was a sweet story about Sarah Winward and her winsome flower studio in Salt Lake City called Honey of a Thousand Flowers. Her story of how she and her husband spent two months working day and night to turn an old plumbing office into the beautiful, airy studio that it is today is incredibly sweet and inspiring! Her work is simply beautiful and elegant and wild. I'm smitten by her whole story and studio and you must take a moment and check in with her blog, and then over to her website, and then get ready to spend some time with Kinfolk. Sarah has some great advise for throwing some flowers together and overall comes across as a fantastically smart and wonderful lady...Happy Saturday!

"I like flowers that feel fresh and wild, and are arranged in a way that still let them look like the natural beauties that they are." -Sarah
(aka, a girl after my own heart)!

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  1. love that quote!

    also love kinfolk (thanks Kelly!)