Tuesday, July 26, 2016


All photos by Yoshihiro Makino
I am delighted to get to share these photos with you! A while back photographer Yoshihiro Makino had asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing two of my great loves with Madame Figaro Japon: cats + flowers (!) for a story they were running called Neko Deco. I (of course) was thrilled with the opportunity which lead to a  really nice afternoon of talking shop flower-wise and herding my coy cats. These are some of the outtakes. I know that all four of my little fury darlings feel quite honored and somehow a head above the other outdoor cats after having had such an elaborate feature! Thank you so kindly Yoshi

Click to see Neko Deco I and Neko Deco II

Thank you Madame Figaro Japon for the love xx

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  1. such lovely pictures - what could be better then flowers and cats! you look so beautiful and happy!