Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This year has felt so intense. Do you feel like that too? There is so much trouble, anger, hatred and low vibrations throughout what seems the entire world. A lot of fear, negativity and misunderstandings while not a whole lot of love, compassion and understanding to balance the scales. I can feel the weight. Can you? On a personal level we have lost more than a fair share of friends these past two months. Big losses. Sad losses that seem to coin the term 'Life can so so unfair, so unjust.' And outward on to a larger scale with the losses happening in the greater world. Times like these cause for pause and reflection. They also call for coming together and connecting. We need more love. The world needs more light.

I am curious if you too feel this? Do you have solutions? 


  1. exactly what i´m feeling, and no, unfortunately no solutions here - but i´d love to know in case you come up with any!

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